Damage Policy

In the slim chance that you receive a damaged order, please review the following steps:


NEVER refuse a delivery, please call us first at +353 (0)15314031. Refused deliveries incur additional costs and decrease the chances of getting resolution in a timely manner. Refused deliveries are also subject to initial and return shipping costs. Any damages from refused deliveries are non-refundable, and because it was refused, would not be noted. We are not responsible for ANY costs associated with a refused delivery.

Compare your order with the products received. You (or the person you designate) are responsible for noting on the delivery receipt any damaged or missing items. Upon initial receipt, please look for indication of damage on the outside of the cartons or packaging material. If no notation of damages has been made on the delivery receipt, we can still file directly with the carrier.

Keep a copy of all the paperwork provided by the carrier. When you contact us, we will request you to provide us with this information. If this documentation is readily available, we can get a head start on processing your claim.

DO NOT DISCARD any of the damaged material. Once reported, the damaged material is the property of the carrier, by law, and they have 120 days to decide if they wish to inspect, pick up or advise to discard the damaged material. Unless otherwise advised by us, do not throw away or destroy any damaged material received.

If all the documentation is received and salvageable products have been taken into account, we will proactively refund or replace damaged products. Now that our customer’s concern has been resolved, we will pursue the matter with the carrier.


Warranted products are under the discretion of Picture Bloc. Our warranties do not cover: moisture-related concerns, heat or fire damage, customer-related installion errors. Colour fading and/or yellowing is a natural occurrence caused by direct exposure to UV rays (direct sunlight) and is not considered to be a product defect.